Why Telefónica Tech

Why Telefónica Tech

We rely on the most outstanding experts to transform your business

Telefónica Tech Inc. subsidiary of Telefónica Tech established in 2021 in USA, HQ in Miami FL. Offering our Cyber and Cloud capabilities to the US market with a commercial office and operations serving 24x7 our customers, channels and partners in the region.


Diversified geographical locations


Highly trained professionals


Certifications in key technologies


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We believe technology should be transformative for your business

As part of the Telefónica Group, we are the leading company in innovative tech services and digital transformation for the B2B market. In our portfolio you can find end-to-end solutions in the most demanded technology areas:
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • IoT

The technology gene is in our DNA

Bringing together a unique combination of the best people, with the best tech and the best platforms, supported by a dynamic partner ecosystem and strategic agreements with all market leaders.
To facilitate and accelerate tech adoption and make a real difference every day, to every business. To help our clients meet their business challenges, we have invested heavily in the development of our talent and experts. We deployed our people’s skills to ensure we are fully aligned to our clients, achieving more than 3,000 certifications in digital competences.
Today, Telefónica Tech covers the entire value chain, from strategy, design and engineering to managing operations. At Telefónica Tech we partner with clients to transform their businesses and services. Sustainability and digital technologies, create a twin strategy that is key to strengthening future competitiveness.

Global presence

Our U.S. operations are based in our Miami headquarters

STRATEGIC HUBS: Spain, UK, Germany, USA, Brazil, Hispam. We are founding members of the Open Source Security Foundation, and the Global Telco Security Alliance

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Telefónica B2B customers






Growth YoY


Countries with service delivery



Strategic Partnerships

Our partners: the key to delivering value to companies and improving the ability to win contracts with clients

In Telefónica Tech USA we believe that “together we are stronger” and we have built a complete commercial offer that helps customers during their “journey” of designing and building a tailored digital solution.

All of this is underpinned by an unparalleled network of technology partners. Working with the finest creative and technical minds in the world ensures we remain at the forefront of innovation, able to deliver solutions to tomorrow’s challenges, today.


We have the highest accreditations from the best technology partners

The technology world moves fast. Our partner accreditations help our experts stay up to date to help steer our customer’s transformation in the right direction.