Vulnerability Risk Management

Vulnerability Risk Management

Stay ahead of cyber-attacks by improving your cybersecurity capabilities

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What is it?

Vulnerability Risk Management services portfolio helps to deal with risks associated with the high number of vulnerabilities that overloads security teams nowadays. 

NextDefense Vulnerability Risk Management , advantages and benefits

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Use cases

Some ideas on how to improve your business with NextDefense Vulnerability Risk Management  

Frequently Asked Questions

VRM is a portfolio of cybersecurity services to correct all types of vulnerabilities. These services are grouped into Vulnerability Scanning, Adversarial Security Testing and Benchmarking, Audit & Compliance to detect any vulnerability and correct it as soon as possible. 

VRM improves your business continuity, allocates the right resources in each case, protects your image and your customers with its proactive vision of cybersecurity. 

VRM platform is an effective tool for managing the lifecycle of vulnerabilities found in your company. Here, you will have access to: 

  • Dashboards with detailed metrics. 
  • Classification of assets based on CPE standard. 
  • List of findings with detailed recommendations. 
  • Vulnerability prioritization based on CVSS standard. 
  • Remediation tracking. 

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