Virtual Data Center

Virtual Data Center

Designed to move your applications easily to the cloud 

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What is it?

VDC is based on VMware product, implemented in Telefónica's Data Centers, which offers a comprehensive response to deploy infrastructures on a robust, elastic and flexible platform, with maximum security guaranteed. The VDC platforms are installed in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Spain and USA second node in Ashburn-VA guarantees total integrity of the solution. 

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Virtual Data Center, advantages and benefits

Introducing our Virtual Data Center service

Telefónica VDC is a cloud service for enterprises that allows customers to host workloads and data in a secure environment, operated e2e by Telefónica. It provides an answer to the most common infrastructure needs and offers multiple value-added services such as business continuity and recovery services, backup, security, Kubernetes and it is integrated with Telefónica’s telco communications. It allows creating hybrid environments with private clouds located on-prem or in Telefónica's data centers​.

Includes 16 nodes, distributed in 7 countries, which are interconnected to enable you to deploy resources from a self-management portal. You can access all administration functions and view reports with aggregated information for the resources deployed in different countries.

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Use cases

Some ideas on how to improve your business with Virtual Data Center. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Data Center is a private cloud solution platform using VMware technology through a self managing portal. 

You don’t need to invest in technology, using Virtual Data Center with a few clicks you can set up a Virtual environment to help your company in the Digital World. 

VDC (Virtual Data Center) is designed to support medium-sized and large companies that want to improve agility and reduce the time to market apps implementations. 

VDC is designed to have the best-in-class self managing portal. 

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