Redefine your networks with a software-based architecture to make them agile and dynamic 

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What is it?

Telefónica Tech's SD-WAN service optimizes the connectivity of your business networks guaranteeing capacity at all times. It manages the traffic of your applications always looking for the optimal routes to ensure their operation. 


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Use cases

Some ideas on how to improve your business with SD-WAN. 

Frequently Asked Questions

SD-WAN is a next-generation communications service that allows you to grow using simpler and more optimized networks, under a single and complete platform.

This service optimizes your organization's connectivity, ensures business continuity, reduces your costs and increases the security of your resources.

This service reduces downtime and thus increases your company's productivity. In addition, SD-WAN is a virtual solution and does not require costly equipment investments. Without a doubt, this service will reduce your costs.

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