Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Making cloud solutions work for your business 

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What is it?

This public cloud solution provides you a wide range of IaaS/PaaS services. You can build, manage and deploy applications on a global network with end-to-end support from world-leading Microsoft. 

Microsoft Azure, advantages and benefits

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Use cases

Some ideas on how to improve your business with Azure. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing service. Although, this type of services was previously performed in organizations' own infrastructures such as web servers, today Microsoft Azure offers access to these services and a multitude of computing resources in the cloud. 

Microsoft Azure has a multitude of uses. It is a platform designed to develop and manage applications and services through its international network of data centers. It has services aimed at the development of mobile applications, storage, business intelligence, storage, networking, etc. 

With Telefónica Tech you get all the benefits of Microsoft Azure, and, in addition, a group of specialists are at your disposal to make the most of your investment. Telefónica Tech advises you when optimizing the development of your applications and / or migration of these. It also advises you to secure your environment and data for compliance, analyzes your Microsoft Azure configuration regularly to find ways to save you money and improve its performance according to your needs. 

Contracting Microsoft Azure with Telefónica Tech has many advantages, among them, having the support and advice of its experts. Open a request or incident through the usual channel and a Telefónica Tech technician will contact you to help you solve any problems. 

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