Digital Risk Protection

Digital Risk Protection

Detects, manages and mitigates digital risks 

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What is it?

Digital Risk Protection monitors and protects your company's brand and reputation from the threats and risks associated with digital transformation. 

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Digital Risk Protection, advantages and benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Risk Protection is a service that detects, mitigates and eliminates the digital risks associated with digital transformation that threaten your company. 

Digital Risk Protection protects four areas of your company: 

Brand and reputation: 

  • Unauthorized use of brand. 

  • Suspicious domains. 

  • Offensive content. 

  • Counterfeit.

  • Digital identity monitoring. 

Business disruption:

  • Data exposure. 

  • Activism. 

  • Breach of security controls. 

  • Hacktivism. 

  • CVEs and security bulletins. 

  • Credential theft. 

Online fraud: 

  • Phishing and pharming. 

  • Malware. 

  • Carding. 

  • Suspicious mobile apps. 

Mobile Channel Risks: 

  • Proactive discovery. 

  • Suspicious mobile apps. 

  • Vulnerability assessment. 


Digital Risk Protection eliminates digital risks in three ways: 

  • Closing resources used to commit fraud against you or your customers.
  • Removing of unauthorized content.
  • Closing resources that supplant your identity. 

In the Digital Risk Protection online customer portal you will find all the information about the threats to your company: 

  • Threat evolution and statistics in real time.

  • Threat detailed information. 

  • Dashboard with detection and response metrics. 

  • Recommendations of our analysts. 

  • Takedown requests. 

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