Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Making cloud solutions work for your business 

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What is it?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides you with scalable, easy-to-deploy, low-cost cloud infrastructure platforms with full support. It is the public cloud service leader in the development of new technologies and the most recommended cloud for small and medium-sized companies. 


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Use cases

Some ideas on how to improve your business with Amazon Web Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

This platform is the most complete and popular solution in the world chosen by all types of businesses to operate their infrastructures, increase their agility and reduce their costs. In addition, it has the global support and experience of Telefónica Tech. 

Its services help you with application deployment and management, storage, computing, databases, networking, artificial intelligence and learning, IoT, security, development and more. 

Amazon Web Services is one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments. As a global service, its security systems are the same in all regions. So, your service will be protected to the highest standards in every region. 

Amazon Web Services has been offering cloud services to customers around the world for more than 12 years and its alliance with Telefónica Tech makes it a complete, efficient and proven option. 

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