Webinar: Securing your SAP anywhere with Microsoft Sentinel

A comprehensive Webinar to learn how Microsoft Sentinel can secure your SAP®

On 22nd June, we had the opportunity to hold a webinar with Microsoft experts Sachin V. Rathi, Director - Partner Management at the Security Solutions & Strategic Initiatives division, and Aaron Hillard, Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft’s SAP® Application Security.

You can watch this webinar on-demand and learn how Microsoft Sentinel threat protection solution for SAP can monitor, detect, and respond to sophisticated threats.

The agenda for this Webinar was the following:

•Introduction: Microsoft Sentinel Story

•Understanding the SAP® Security Problem

•Introducing the SAP® Security Solution

•Sinergy between SAP® Rise and Sentinel

•Pricing Options and Packages

•Microsoft's Approach to Securing Our Own SAP® (Engineering Perspective)

•Exploring Microsoft's SAP® Landscape, Security Principals, and Risks

•Azure Sentinel Journey: Why We Selected and Its Core Role in Our SAP Platform Security Strategy

•Battle Card: Key Differentiators

•Implementation Timeline and Process

•The Microsoft Difference: Unique Advantages

•Live Demo: Demonstrating the Power of Sentinel in SAP® Security

•Microsoft IT Case Study

•Q&A Session: Addressing Your Questions and Concerns Story

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