Webinar on Demand: How to Protect Your Organization from Insider Threats.

Watch Webinar on Demand: How to Protect your Organization from Insider Threats

In the framework of the RSA Conference 2022, we announced a new strategic alliance with Constella Intelligence to combine its extensive data lake with our Cloud, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence services.
In the context of this alliance, Telefónica Tech and Constella Intelligence have started to work together to enhance digital protection for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and both companies launched last week a webinar in the wake of increased cyberattacks and data breaches resulting from increased exposure and a rapidly transforming digital ecosystem

Both companies organized a webinar recently regarding Insider Threat Incidents:

Cyber-attacks from external sources aren’t the only threats organizations must consider nowadays. Malicious and negligent employees, some with stolen credentials, have become a serious and growing security risk to organizations today.

Insider threat incidents have risen 44% over the past two years with the per-incident cost averaging $15M. Even IT workers are being actively recruited from ransomware groups like Lapsus$ to access company data and systems with malicious intent.

How can an organization enhance its cybersecurity posture to protect its employees and organization?

  • Identify if your employees are using corporate credentials on the dark web-either knowingly or not—in violation of policy.
  • Recognize insider threat profiles within your organization.
  • Identify leaked or stolen credentials and initiate takedown before it escalates into a targeted attack.
  • Prevent data exfiltration before it’s too late.

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