The main attacks and vulnerabilities compiled by our experts last week: 8th—14th April.

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Here are the most relevant headlines of the week, download our full report and take note:

Apple fixes two new actively exploited 0-day vulnerabilities

Apple has released new security advisories about two new actively exploited 0-day vulnerabilities affecting iPhones, Macs, and iPads.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday includes an actively exploited 0-day vulnerability

In its latest security update, Microsoft has fixed a total of 98 vulnerabilities affecting several of its products, including Microsoft Windows, Office, and Edge.

Quadreams accused of using spyware against political figures and journalists

Researchers from CitizenLab and Microsoft‘s Threat Intelligence team have published an investigation into the Israeli company QuaDreams, which they accuse of using spyware against journalists and political figures.

Android security bulletin for April

Android has released its security bulletin for the month of April, where it fixes a total of 68 vulnerabilities. 

Azure design flaw allows account takeover

An Orca investigation has exposed a design flaw in Microsoft Azure Shared Key that would allow an attacker to gain access to Microsoft Storage accounts.

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