The main attacks and vulnerabilities compiled by our experts last week: 4th—10th March.

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Here are the most relevant headlines of the week, download our full report and take note:

FBI and ICSA Launch Advisory to Combat Royal Ransomware

The FBI and ICSA launched the #StopRansomware: Royal Ransomware Cyber Security Advisory on 2 March to help combat this type of ransomware by disseminating TTPs and IOCs.

Hiatus: worldwide campaign against business routers

The Lumen Black Lotus Labs team has identified an active campaign targeting business routers.

SYS01stealer: new infostealer targeting critical infrastructures

The research team at Morphisec has published a report on a new infostealer targeting critical government infrastructures which they have named SYS01stealer.

PoC of polymorphic malware using Artificial Intelligence

Researchers at Hyas have built a proof-of-concept for polymorphic malware generation using an Artificial Intelligence language model.

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