The main attacks and vulnerabilities compiled by our experts last week: 29th April—5th May

Check out our Cyber Security weekly briefing: the main attacks and vulnerabilities found by our teams of experts.

Here are the most relevant headlines of the week, download our full report and take note:

Critical vulnerability in Zyxel firewalls

Network equipment manufacturer Zyxel has released security patches for a critical vulnerability affecting its firewalls.

Google releases Chrome 113 with 15 security updates

Google has released to the stable channel version 113 of Google Chrome for Windows, macOS and Linux, which fixes up to 15 vulnerabilities, 10 of them reported to Google through its bug bounty program.

Vulnerabilities in BGP protocol allow attackers to carry out DoS attacks

The vulnerabilities, already patched and with a CVSS of 6.5, have been classified as CVE-2022-40302, CVE-2022-40318 and CVE-2022-43681.

Critical Vulnerability in Cisco Phone Adapters

The security flaw, in particular, has been logged as CVE-2023-20126, CVSSv3 of 9.8, and is due to a flaw in the authentication process within the firmware update feature.

Fleckpe: new Android malware that subscribes victims to premium services

Fleckpe, in particular, subscribes victims, without their permission, to different premium services with special pricing, which deliver part of the proceeds to the threat actors.

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