The main attacks and vulnerabilities compiled by our experts last week: 28th November—2nd December

Check in our weekly report the main attacks and vulnerabilities found by our teams of experts.

Here are the most relevant headlines of the week, download our full report and take note:

Urgent update to Chrome to prevent the eighth 0-day of 2022

Google has released an urgent security update for Chrome to prevent exploitation of the eighth 2022 0-day in the browser. The release patches vulnerability CVE-2022-4135, a stack overflow issue.

Data of 5.4 million Twitter users exposed

Security researcher Chad Loder posted on Twitter that a database containing 5.4 million entries was currently being shared for free on a forum on the dark web.

Phishing ring that defrauded 12 million euros broken up in Spain

The Spanish National Police has issued a statement reporting the success of an operation that has led to the dismantling of a criminal group that had defrauded a total of almost 300 victims of more than 12 million euros by phishing.

Three vulnerabilities in industrial products from Festo and Codesys

Forescout researchers have discovered three vulnerabilities in industrial automation products from the companies Festo and Codesys.

Google’s research on the Heliconia framework

Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) has published the results of an investigation into an exploitation framework targeting already patched vulnerabilities in Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Defender that could deploy a payload in affected devices, in particular spyware.

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