The insides of Telefónica Tech’s Digital Operations Center (DOC) in the Global Innovation and Talent Hub

Get to know the insides of our Digital Operations Center (DOC).

Our Digital Operations Center (DOC) for Cybersecurity and Cloud has a team of 200 highly specialized experts with diverse profiles (engineers, data architects, security and cloud operators, among others) in constant coordination with the more than 2,300 professionals of Telefónica Tech's global operations team that provide us with the capacity to serve Telefónica's customers around the world.

The space is 1,000 square meters in size and leverages the global network of 11 operations centers around the world to monitor, protect and resolve security incidents in the digital world.

According to José Cerdán, CEO of Telefónica Tech: "The opening of this new operations center consolidates our position as a benchmark in the prevention, detection, and response to security incidents, thanks to innovative and comprehensive cybersecurity and cloud offering, the implementation of the most advanced technological tools, the numerous intelligence sources we have and the knowledge and experience of our experts. We continue to take steps forward to be ever closer to our customers and offer them a personalized and comprehensive service that makes them feel secure in the new digital world and strengthens their resilience".

The DOC monitors and supervises, with the support of intelligent and automated platforms, customer activity 24 hours a day, every day of the year to detect, manage and resolve any type of cybersecurity incident or alert.

Operations experts provide the following main services from the Telefónica District DOC:

  1. Security management: These services are aimed at attending to the management of perimeter security devices and services associated with communications, such as firewalls and proxies.
  2. Mass industrialized services or SMEs: Standardised services, such as those to prevent denial of service attacks, in which the degree of automation is high.
  3. Digital surveillance: This is NextDefense's services for surveillance of customers' intangible assets (i.e. beyond physical and cloud assets). The NextDefense offering includes Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services to identify and resolve threats as quickly as possible, risk-based Vulnerability Management to prioritize the resolution of the most critical ones, as well as Threat Intelligence to better understand the intentions and skills of cyber criminals to be able to design more comprehensive responses and anticipate attacks.
  4. Monitoring and management of endpoints: This is an alert-generating service in which information is collected from devices and analyzed to see the degree of danger and helps companies to make decisions.
  5. Cloud security services: These are the services of the most cutting-edge technologies linked to SASE (including SDWAN), the union between communications and security in a device, to achieve an Internet connection and secure browsing, among others.

The Telefónica District DOC also has a special room for managing cybersecurity crises in companies and a specific team assigned to internally manage the customer security operations center.

To get to know the insides of our DOC, watch the video and download our DOC Value Proposition Infographic here.

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