How to take advantage of Cloud Computing for your company

The main concepts you should know to take advantage of cloud computing.

XaaS, PaaS, IaaS... you may not know what these acronyms mean, but you have probably used Cloud Computing services without knowing it. These concepts still provoke doubts among entrepreneurs and the acronyms confuse those who do not know much about the subject. Let's explain the options you have to increase your company's productivity and profits in simple terms. Enjoy the reading!

Reasons to invest in the cloud

The advance in Cloud Computing has created a trend toward transforming products into services in order to reduce costs, adapt supply to demand and improve processes.

You no longer need to buy complex software and install it on your computer: you can hire the service and have the same functions available through a simple internet connection. Yet none of this is new, is it? Google Apps, Office 360, Dropbox, Netflix, and email are some of the most famous examples of Cloud Computing.

Having explained the concept, let's now move on to the acronyms. The first step is to explain that XaaS (X as a service) refers to all services offered in the cloud since "X" stands for "anything" or "everything". In this way, "X as a service" can also be understood as "anything as a service" or "everything as a service".

Breaking down Cloud Computing

XaaS comprises a variety of other acronyms, including:

SaaS – Software as a Service

In this case, the software is stored on a remote server and is not installed on the user's machine. In case your company uses an online program, it is using SaaS. Office 360 and Google Apps are two of the best-known examples.

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

This is where the customer uses a data center remotely. These are databases and servers that you can access remotely. This ensures the security of the information and saves you physical space in the company.

PaaS – Platform as a Service

Finally, a PaaS is an entire platform contracted by the user. Imagine, for example, that you want to develop an application. A PaaS provides you with a space to create and test without having to understand in detail all the software used for its development: all the tools, applications, and databases are in a specific space.

Before finishing, it is worth remembering that these are just three of the most common Cloud Computing applications.

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