7 advantages of Cloud Computing for businesses

7 main reasons why it is of great advantage to have a Cloud Computing service in your business

Information management has changed hand in hand with technology and its new platforms, such as cloud computing or data management in the cloud. It is now more feasible to have a service like this, considering that computer threats are a daily threat to companies.

With the growth of the company, information becomes an important asset, and it becomes necessary to have a Cloud service for data protection, which optimize in a flexible way the resources and profitability in the budget of your business.

That is why we consider these are the seven main reasons why it is of great advantage to have a Cloud Computing service in your business:

  1. Cost savings: It allows for reducing CAPEX and using OPEX, and it is possible to replace costly investments in infrastructure, software licenses, technical staff, etc. with convenient monthly payments. For example, it is estimated that migrating email to a cloud solution can save a company around 30% while migrating a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to the cloud can represent savings of up to 25% (Source: Forrester)
  2. Flexibility: A solution of this type allows for pay-per-use, according to the specific needs of the company at any given time.
  3. Scalability: It is possible to evolve from simpler solutions to more complex applications as the company's processing, storage, and backup needs increase.
  4. Accessibility and mobility: It allows access to services and information stored in Cloud applications from anywhere via the Internet, using any fixed or mobile device.
  5. Security: The Cloud service provider is responsible for data protection, the security of the information contained in its systems, and disaster recovery.
  6. Up-to-date technology: The service provider is responsible for updating and improving the systems, ensuring that the company has access to the latest technology without having to invest effort in its development.
  7. Business focus: Allows the company to concentrate on managing its business, reducing the effort and resources needed to administer ICT systems.

Beyond a cheaper solution:

Cloud is also a great enabler to the extent of the innovation of your business. With all your data, processes, technology, and people on a platform, it will be easier for your company to create new services, products, and experiences.

Moreover, the agility that the cloud brings, will allow you to rethink the operational activity creating more value not only for your customers but also for all your people. 

But to leverage all these advantages that the cloud brings, a migration should have a clear strategy to avoid ending up costing the business more.

A successful cloud journey must consider technology requirements, business drivers, and industry dynamics to shape and speed any organization’s unique needs. There is no one right solution for all businesses; just the opposite, each will be driven by industry-specific competitive environments and individual company aspirations for the cloud.

Defining the business value that this technology transformation can provide to your company should be the first step to take. Once identified this value you can set a map of your journey to the cloud to achieve your business goals.

Find out more about our portfolio of Cloud services here and let us advise you on the best solution for your company.

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