U.S. Channel Partner Program

U.S. Channel Partner Program

Working together to harness the power of technology for customers

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The Telefónica Tech U.S. Channel Partner Program unlocks access to our unmatched cloud and cybersecurity portfolio, from expert consultation and professional services to critical business infrastructure solutions.

We believe in working openly with the security community through alliances and partnerships, combining resources, capabilities, expertise and best practices. In this way, we are able to better serve our customers and the community and protect businesses against growing cybersecurity risks.


 An essential technology partner for your cybersecurity and cloud mission

Telefónica Tech is a global integrated technology leader in cybersecurity and cloud

We provide the best technology products and services to our customers, through in-house development, internal and external innovation, and working with best-in-class partners around the world.

Telefónica Tech U.S. Channel Partner Program Benefits

Telefónica Tech U.S. Channel Partners can take advantage of our 7 labs and innovation centers globally, where we develop our own product innovations and security tools that are used and tested at our SOCs. We have an active program to invest in the best cyber security and cloud start-ups to develop new business together and bring a competitive edge to our services. 

Join our team of sales, technical and implementation experts in cybersecurity and cloud to multiply your resources and attack new opportunities together. Telefónica Tech Channel Partners are backed by our dedicated personnel and resources to ensure business success and maximize joint efforts on challenging projects to ensure mutual success and client satisfaction.

We offer a holistic, complete cloud and cybersecurity portfolio to cover most important needs in business digitalization and helping our customers navigate through the complex Cloud and Cyber ecosystem. We provide a differential value proposal combining its expertise with world’s leading technologies across infrastructure (Hybrid Cloud, hyperscalers, housing and Virtual Data center IaaS), cloud communications (SDN and SASE) and cloud networking. Telefónica Tech has a proven track record of advising clients, designing solutions that scale and building those solutions.

As a Managed Security Services MSS provider we cover all phases of security based on the NIST framework – Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover – and industry trends and models including Zero Trust and SASE. Our service portfolio reflects our capabilities in both professional and technological services, including MDR, SDN networks, Private-Public and Hybrid Cloud managed services and OT security.

We accompany our partners throughout their customer journey, offering support through training programs, marketing resources & events, a content library, including case studies, guides, e-books, commercial presentations and event materials. 

Our Channel Partners

become a chanel partner

Become a Channel Partner

Telefónica's Tech Partner program is based on the principle that together we can lead today's digital transformation and defeat the world's most challenging security threats. Together we will create an elite network of security and cloud experts whose combined expertise and capabilities deliver a complete and unmatched solution for customers of all sizes and verticals.

Today's security and cloud challenges are constantly evolving. Enrich your portfolio, take advantage of this historic market opportunity and increase the value of your mission-critical products.

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