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A flexible and scalable environment for a global software company
software company case study


This technology company, located in Atlanta (USA), offers monitoring and optimization services worldwide. Each of its more than 50 employees has technology in their DNA and needs tools that are flexible and accessible at all times.


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  • To be open to new opportunities in USA & LATAM.
  • To find a technological partner that supported them in their expansion to new markets.
  • To offer their software in new markets, while keeping the experience offered to their final clients.


VDC Telefonica Cloud

Solution hosted in the USA, Argentina and Chile nodes. Regions where Telefonica has great connectivity capabilities and a very low latency.

  • VDC in fixed-price mode (To install the regular use platform)
  • VDC in pay-per-use mode (Resources to be used under demand, when required by the client)
  • Cloud Flexible Solution hosted in the Telefonica Data Centers and managed through the self-service VDC portal
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  • To be able to offer the customer service in new markets.
  • To guarantee the experience for the new final clients thanks to low latency.
  • Support of a technological partner by listening to their requirements as a company.
  • Flexibility to adapt to any requirement of the customer software.
  • Possibility to try the new environment in TRY & BUY mode.

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