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Detect and respond against threats in the world's largest fashion group

fashion group case study


The international presence of this fashion group is unparalleled. It operates more than 6,600 stores in 87 countries and employs hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.


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  • The retail sector is currently one of the main targets for Brand Abuse, Carding or Credential Theft due to the exponential growth of ecommerce.
  • Therefore, our client needed to be able to effectively detect and respond against these threats to reduce the impact for its customers and its Trademark´s image and Reputation.
  • Real-time monitoring of its Brands, aiming to detect illegal use of them, product sales through unauthorised channels as well as any other malicious activities that may pose a threat (hacktivist attack, confidential leaks, etc).
  • Monitoring of news and events, such as the release of a campaign, a press conference or the publication of the brand’s annual statistics, that may result in a higher cyberthreat.


Telefonica’s Digital Risk Protection service

  • Telefonica’s Digital Risk Protection service provides its comprehensive capabilities offering an agile detection and effective Response against Brand Abuse and other types of cyberattacks which might affect its customers as well as its own reputation.
  • Company in-depth customized reports, showing its position in social media providing peak activities, identication of high-impact posts and detailed analysis of their repercussion and consequences for its Trademark image.
  • Simplified understanding and management of the Organization´s security state, through daily briefings, , a dedicated team of intelligence analysts and a Service Portal, providing an updated overall view of the CyberThreats monitoring and handling.
  • CyberThreats service, operated from the TAGS in a 24x7 + 4 dedicated analysts in a 12x5 configuration.
  • A dedicated team of intelligence analysts.
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  • Agile and effective detection of Brand Abuse and other types of cyber threats that can affect their customers, as well as their own reputation.
  • Response capability to carry out shutdowns of fraudulent websites and other cyber threats that are detected.

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