Banking case study

How innovation boosted productivity at Ecuador's largest bank
private bank case study

About the company

This bank is one of the most important in South America and the largest private bank in Ecuador. Born more than 115 years ago, it operates in 6 countries and has more than 2.1 M clients.


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  • Get rid of operating expenses associated with people from the IT department of the bank dealing with the infrastructure.
  • Have the flexibility offered by a Cloud environment, in order to test applications testing in the market.
  • Find a more economical and self-managed model that meets requirements and guarantees required as a bank.
  • Reduce the cost of acquiring the service offered to customers.
  • Have the knowledge and advice that can help the company to implement the necessary infrastructure solutions.


Hybrid Cloud environment for Disaster Recovery and Backup

  • Although the client already had a Distaster Recovery solution with Telefónica to comply with the necessary requirements as a bank in case of any incident, the company was offered with a more economical solution, a DR On Demand in Cloud, which thus complied with the requisite / cost requested by the company.
  • The client required a cost saving in the backup storage of the company, for this, the company was offered with the Object Storage Cloud service.
  • In addition, being in the cloud means being able to develop new flexible and scalable applications and being able to test them in the market more easily, knowing whether or not they should be implemented.
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  • Savings between 30-40% of IT infrastructure.
  • Reduction of operative expenses thanks to have the assistance of Telefónica to get solutions in the cloud. Its team of people dedicated to IT could be omitted.
  • Telefónica Advice.
  • Greater flexibility and simplicity of work to develop and implement new apps in the market.
  • Self-management of resources thanks to the Cloud portals themselves.

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